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All About Me!
I'm a 30-something devoted slash whore, who regularly worships at the altar of H/D. I discovered fanfiction completely by accident when I was researching info for an original fiction I planned to write. Needless to say that story never got written, and after consuming vast amounts of Buffy/HP crossovers, I ventured into the wonderful world of Slash. I've never looked back since.
Age statement: I am so far past 18 that it's no longer funny.My Recslinklink
Fandom Stuff
I only actively participate in the HP fandom. I have been known to glance occasionally at Merlin, but so far remain true to my OTF. The overwhelming majority of my writing is H/D, with Ron/Pansy making a regular appearance. I have written a couple of non-H/D fics, and enjoyed doing so, but my first love will always be for that pairing.
I love my boys any which way I can get them, so please don't be bringing your top/bottom issues into my journal. It makes me cross, and I don't like me when I'm cross *G*.MasterlistHex FilesSkyehawke
Want To Friend Me?
My journal is currently flocked. However, the majority of my fic is public, so there is no need to friend me to read that. I won't automatically friend back - but if I know you, or I've seen you around fandom, then there's a good chance I will. I usually don't friend back empty journals, or those in a language I can't speak. Also, if you post nothing but incessant meme's, then it's unlikely I'll return the favour - they might be fun for you, but they clog up my flist something chronic!!

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